Monday, October 31, 2011

Been a bad night with alot of coughing and sneezing and a running nose... So i woke up late today and took the dogs out for a walk and play in the park.
from the looks of it, they had a good time :) And i got some fresh air even tho i was fully covered in double pair of pants, thick socks, boots, my canada goose jacket and a thick scarf and a hat on top of that!

After that we went home for some breakfast and since then i have been crashed on the couch...
Talked to Patrick on Skype for a while, they came to france 2 hours earlier then planned and where now relaxing in their hotelrooms.
Im considering if i should try to get some energy to clean some as i planned or if i should just relax since my f-ing cold is not getting better... well at least the fever and sroe throat is gone! but the cough is getting worse each night... Suxx!!

Oh! i almost forgot, we are expecting babies! Fishbabies that is :D
Our Ancistrus Sp. has layed over 40-50 eggs!!

Here is a picture of what they looked like yesterday.

And today they look like this!
Tiny tails and they are moving around, bad movie tho but you can still see them moving around a little.

Full activity in the baby-tank right now :) i cant wait to see how many of them that actually survives!

I will keep you updated :D

Now it is time to make something to eat and watch some tv, later it is time for another dogwalk... and some fresh air.


I have decided to try to start this blog up again!
A new fresh start but i have decided to keep all the old posts.

The reason i decided to start this blog up again is cause a new chapter has started in my life.

I met a new guy 7 months ago, and now, a week ago, he moved in here with me!!
In a month or two we are moving to a bigger better apartment to start our new life together.

Right now i am going to go to bed since it is late, and my boyfriend is on his way to work in France.
He left with the train earlier today at noon and i went to a friends place to have some tea and talk for a bit, when i was going home i borrowed one of her poodles, Lindy, so now i have 2 sleeping dogs here on the floor.

Tomorrow i am going to try to clean the apartment and do some laundry, it is amazing how much laundry 2 people can get in just one week, lol!
It will be nice to have our own laundrymachine in the new apartment so i can just throw in a machine whenever i walk past it :)
The new apartment is 1 bedroom, 1 livingroom, 1 lounge with a fireplace, 1 diningroom, 2 bathrooms and a big kitchen. 
It is 1442 sq.ft. (134 kvm)
It has high ceilings, stucco work in the ceilings and big, high windows that makes the apartment really light. We are also getting it totally renovated so when Patrick was at home we went to choose wallpapers to each room and i think it will be really nice when they come up on the walls, even tho i am not really satisfied with the selection we had to choose from, but we finally found wallpapers to all the rooms after trying to choose for a while.

When Patrick came home Saturday last week i had a surprise for him.... this...

...P for Patrick...

He was stunned and just smiled and asked "is it real?" when he saw it, i said Yes and then he just giggled... he is so cute :D

Well now it is bedtime for me and the dogs... Sleep well everyone and dont forget to comment ;)