Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Sorry for being bad at updating the blog but it has been a stressful start of the week.

Worked Sun, Mon and Tue night and slept half the days away... walked the dog, ate something, watched tv and relaxed before it was time to go back to work... 

Tuesday i woke up around 9 and was going to meet the man that is going to renovate our new apartment and the landlord around 10.
I was outside the apartment at 10 and no one was there... so me and mom waited until 10.30 and then i called the landlord on the phone and he said he was late... so he arrived around 12... 
We went through everything that is going to be done in the apartment and it is going to look fabulous when it is ready!

Since i had only slept 2.5 hours between work and getting up on Tuesday i totally collapsed on the couch when i came home... woke up around 7 p.m and took the dog out, ate something and went back to work!

Today i have been at a friends house, watching her wash and blowdry her poodle, doesnt seem like fun but i had asked her earlier if she could call me so i could be there when she did that, cause i didnt really know how much work it was! Now i know! :)

Now i am at home, i have talked to Patrick on skype for a bit, going to watch tv and relax, maybe play some videogames if i dont fall asleep :D

Hope you had a nice start on the week!