Tuesday, November 1, 2011

I guess it is not morning, more noonish... but i woke up a little while ago so it is morning for me :D
Had another night with horrible coughing that kept me awake but finally i fell asleep...

Before i went to bed last night i took a peek into the baby-tank in the aquarium and there seemed to be no eggs in it?! so i had to rush and take the male out, cause i had forgotten to take him out of the tank (stupid me) 
Obviously he had been eating some of the eggs, or many of them but i saved 12 eggs that i can see now... and they are all moving around and looking silly!
Lets hope that these survive! 

Now it is time for me to wrap me up in a ton of clothes and take a dogwalk... Catch ya l8r!


Jusy Testing if it works to blog from My phone :)

I really want to sleeeep!!! 
Cant this damn cough just go away?! Ive been sick for a week almost now and the cough is just getting worse and worse!! 
This cold is making me crazy!!
I am going to drink some hot tea now and then get back into bed and try to get some sleep... I am guessing it will be a long night tonight too... with little sleep and alot of coughing...