Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Suddenly i got cravings for peasoup and pancakes... So this Evening that is exactly what is served here in front of the tv and the european championship in soccer... Tonight it is Denmark vs Portugal... I am hoping that Denmark wins Since My bf is halv danish and that makes the Little boy On My stomach 1/4 danish :)

Now it is time for food, My Stomach is growling!


Been up for a while and have been out in the city With mom looking at clothes and Flowers and other stuff i didnt really need :)
Bought myself a new pot to a plant i have at home that has grown to big for the one is planted in now.

An now me and mom are going to eat some thaifood for lunch! Yumm!

Came home from Work a Little while ago and took the dog out for a quick walk. Now i am in bed and the Little one in my Stomach is messing around as usual at this time of night :)

Been feeling really weird at Work tonight... Thought i was going to pass out in the bathroom while sitting down and when i came back out and started working again it was like i couldnt get any air, it was really hard to breathe and i had to sit down and try to catch My breath once in a while. Suddenly i had to rush to the bathroom Cause i felt nauseous and i threw up a little... But i had some water and went back to Work. And when i Walked home from Work a Little while later i felt Better and now i dont feel bad at all. I guess it must have been something to do With the pregnancy.

Oh i have to Tell you about this fantastic app i found to My iPhone!! It is called iSteth and it Works Great! I downloaded it and all you do is turn the program on, And press the microphone against your chest, Or like in My case, your Stomach, and you Can actually hear your heartbeat :) and i could hear the Little ones heartbeat in there :D
Perfect for pregnant Women to be able to listen to the babys heartbeat by them selves :)

Now it is sleeptime for me! The dog is already asleep under the other cover next to me :)

Good Night!