Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Back... maybe for a longer time this time? ;)

It has been a great time since last time i wrote... We moved to a bigger apartment and at the same time we thought it was time to make a baby :) so now i am in week 28 and counting... getting bigger and bigger...
I am still working even tho it is hard cuase my back hurts alot. But i will only be working for another month and then i will be home, planning for the little one to come!

We are really excited and i cant wait for him to come out so we can see what he looks like!
(Yes we know it is a boy)

Here is a few pictures!

First Ultrasound!  

Week 18

 Week 20

Week 27! Getting bigger huh? :D

NOw you know the news and i have to get going here at home to get anything done today...