Saturday, June 16, 2012

Went out and had a look at all the students that was dressed up and going to the prom tonight... Gosh they where beautiful...
Arter that i went home and Cleaned à little and around 8pm My friend Ezgi came over and we went to the store to shop some chips and dip and vegetables...
Then it was time for the european championship in soccer and it was very exciting but due to some stupid choises they Did we lost against England :/

Ezgi went to a party With some friends and i am now laying in bed With a poodle On one side and our dobermann On the other side...
It is Quite a sight when we are walking outside Cause they look like a total mismatch :)

Now it is time for us to sleep... Or Well, the dogs are already asleep but it is time for Me to sleep!
Tomorrow Patrick is coming home! And i know 3 girls Who Will be very happy!!


/Love Swedish

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